Selling Retirement Annuity


Are you an employee at any company and is availing a stable income? If so, you
must probably be investing a portion of your fund for the purpose of Annuity in a
financial firm or an insurance agency. This is a brilliant option if you are intended
to generate a lifetime income after retirement. They help you to build tax-deferred
Why should you keep an annuity?
An annuity is a rather beneficial investment due to the following reasons.
● It is a tax-deferred savings account.
● It provides a steady stream of income after retirement.
● Unlike other tax-deferred accounts, it has no annual contribution limit.
● If you are out of cash at some point of time, you can choose to sell this for a
huge lump sum of money.
Selling Retirement Annuity
The Retirement Annuity, that once you considered as an investment for your life
after retirement, may save you in case of sudden financial emergencies. When life
challenges you with an unexpected shake, selling your retirement annuity is a
saving methodology you can adopt. Talking about other actions you can take upon
your annuities, you can also withdraw funds or else transfer payments.
Selling Retirement annuity is an alternative term for liquidating your annuity. As
the name implies, selling of annuity involves the process of forfeiting the rights
upon the future annuity payments to any insurance company, or maybe a buyer. In
lieu of that, you will receive a sum of cash.
Why may you sell your retirement annuity?
Obviously, one may have invested a portion of their income in the annuity to
ensure a secure retirement life. But the very same person may choose to sell his
retirement annuity if certain needs for a bulk amount of money arise. Be it
medical needs, educational purpose, housing needs etc. it is a considerable option
for an employee who owns an annuity to sell out for cash.
Types of selling annuity

There are more than one way in which you can sell your retirement annuity. You
may sell it in the following ways:
● Entirety Sale
The owner of the annuity sells all of their annuity contracts to get their investment
in a single turn. It will help you to meet large expenditures or needs. However, the
annuity owner is not accessible to the total value of the initial investment because
the issuing company deducts a certain amount in lieu of the quick access to their
● Partial Sale
In this type, the buyer does not get access to the complete investment. The annuity
owner is accessible to guaranteed payments. In this type, the owner has access to
the rest of the portion and can receive it after retirement or sell or transfer it later.
The cons of selling your annuity
The owners do not get their full investment in return. They are charged deductions
for the quick access to their savings. The deduction rate usually depends upon the
total amount of the annuity payment sold, the number of payments sold, time span
when the insurance companies are profited from the annuity. Mostly, at the end of
the day, owners only receive a 60 to 80 percent sum of the cash they invested.
How to sell your retirement annuity
● Initially, what you should do is to find a trustworthy buyer.
This step is of utmost relevance because there are a disgusting number of scams
prevailing in this sector. You should do proper research to know the companies
which buy an annuity.
● After the proper study, choose the company to start a business with.
The buyer should be selected wisely to prevent fraudulent sale.
● A suitable plan should be selected.
You must decide whether to sell it entirely or partly.
● Proceed with paper works and perform a safe transaction with the buyer.
Precautions to take
Because of the vast number of scams and frauds thriving in this field, utmost care
is to be taken while proceeding with selling your retirement annuity. These are
some points to be considered.

● Analytical comparison of different companies must be made to opt the best.
● Look before you leap. Because selling a part of your asset is not a small
● Keep a record of every transaction.
● Sell only what you need to.
● Beware of the scams which offer schemes that are too good to be true.
● The firms are usually not permitted to sell the annuity back to their original
● The lump sum of cash you receive by selling is taxable.
If you are going for the option of selling retirement annuity for cash, it is
suggested to proceed but after proper research, knowledge, understanding and

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