Pre-Settlement Funding Atlanta


Lawsuits are expensive and time-consuming. It is a long and monotonous process
which can take months or even years before they settle. If you meet with an accident
or suffer some loss, you will need funds to pay for all the utilities and medical
expenses. Even if you are affirmative that you will receive the settlement money, it
will consume a lot of time. Till then you will have to pay the expenses on your own,
putting a strain on your pockets.
If you are in the city of Atlanta, this problem will be easier to face. Various services
can help you obtain cash before you reach any settlement. Pre-settlement funding
Atlanta is provided to people in Atlanta if they are accident victims or suffer any
personal injuries. Funding of as low as $1000 to as high as $100000 can be provided.
The best part is the lawsuits loans in Atlanta are not risky, and it provides use of cash
in advanced without any additional charges that can be out of pocket.
What is pre-settlement funding Atlanta?
Pre-settlement funding Atlanta provides you with cash before you receive the
compensation that you are expecting. If you need money to cover your medical bills
and rent after meeting with an accident, pre-settlement funding is one of the ways to
help you with it.
The company provides you with some amount of money in exchange for a part of
your expected settlement amount. Once you receive the compensation, the company
gets a portion of it.
If you have to stay away from work due to injury, it becomes challenging to pay bills
due to instability in paychecks. During lawsuits, it can be challenging to keep up with
the expenses. You can pay your bills using a credit card or also can choose to skip
payments, but this can have a long term effect on your finances. Pre-settlement
funding Atlanta can help you with this.

Pre-settlement funding is not a loan. You are not borrowing any money to pay the
bills. You are just selling a part of your future settlement proceeds an exchange for
Is there a payment limit?
The amount that you would be funded with depends on the estimated amount of your
settlement. Some companies may provide you with $300 while some may provide you
with as much as $750000. Again, it depends on the expected outcome of your claim. It
is usually 15-20% of the compensation that you would get.
What if you need more?
If you used some of your pre-settlement funds already but are determined that these
will not be enough, you may be able to sell again. The companies can provide you
with additional pre-settlement funding provided both the advances do not exceed 15-
20% of the total estimated value of compensation.
How long does it take?
When you need money to pay bills and rent, and for groceries, the companies must
provide you with the funding as soon as possible. The main reason why one needs pre-
settlement funding is that the actual settlement takes a lot of time. You have to go
through a procedure. After you provide all the necessary details to the company that is
needed to pass the claim, you get your cash advance. It takes no more than a day or
two for this process.
What types of claims are covered?
Various companies provide funds for different lawsuits. You need to qualify for the
pre-settlement funding. You will need your attorney to fill out an application
describing the case. Many companies offer funds in a variety of situations, but most
provide cash to people involved in personal injury lawsuits.
The various cases can include:

● Personal injury- if you are injured due to the actions of another person.
● Premises liability- if you are injured while on someone’s property, premises,
or stores.
● Product liability- if you suffer an injury due to product malfunctioning
● Medical malpractice- if you experience pain or acute injuries due to the
carelessness of the medical professionals.
● Wrongful death- if someone passes due to actions or negligence of others.
These were a few of the lawsuits for which pre-settlement funding is provided.
What if you lose?
As mentioned above, pre-settlement funding is not a loan, and therefore, you don’t
have to repay it. If you lose your case, you are not obligated to repay the amount that
was funded before. Pre-settlement funding is non-recourse, which means the company
which is funding you cannot ask for the money in case you lose your case.
Pre-settlement funding is a risk-free method introduced to provide the victim with
finances that are needed to pay for the treatment of the injury and other utilities. This
type of funding is found to be very helpful as you do not have to remain in debt of the

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